Thursday, December 23, 2010

Run - February 1, 1991

I'm celebrating my first marathon this week by looking at movies featuring running (or just have RUN in the title).

Today's ad is for the little remembered movie, Run starring "McDreamy", Patrick Dempsey, and "Mrs Travolta" Kelly Preston.

Dempsey plays a college student is thrust into a high stakes poker game with a bunch of rough guys and, after winning a bunch of money, has a disagreement with one of the players who accidentally trips and dies when he hits his head on a table.  Apparently the dead guy is the son of a big time mobster who now blames Dempsey for his son's death and Dempsey has no choice but to RUN...for his life.

I caught this one time on cable and it's actually pretty good.  More of an action-thriller vehicle for Dempsey who owned the romantic comedy genre in the late 80s.  Unfortunately this movie never made it to DVD so it's really tough to find and/or watch despite the fact Dempsey is in the midst of somewhat a resurgence lately.

Other running movies:
Marathon Man
Chariots of Fire

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