Friday, April 15, 2011

Double Feature Friday: Orca and Up from the Depths

Finishing up underwater disasters this week...

Here's the ad for the 1977 killer whale movie, Orca. I love how they built up the killer whale in advertisements for this movie. Watch the trailer, they pretty much do everything except say, "Killer Whales are better than humans". And they almost kind of say that.

Jaws The Revenge sort of borrowed the animal revenge plot aspects of this movie. A killer whale witnesses Richard Harris kill his mate and child. The whale then goes on a killing rampage in the fisherman's village trying to lure the fisherman into a confrontation.

I also love the text on the ad. The killer whale is one of the most intelligent creatures in the universe?! That's a rather bold statement. And the whale will hunt down that person across time? Is there time travel in this movie?  He he hunting for hundreds of years?  It just sounds hilarious.

Here we have an ad for the 1979 monster flick, Up from the Depths. The movie is very C-grade horror about a heretofore unknown species of shark that is awakened and starts killing people at a beach resort.  I love the picture of that crazy ass looking shark on the ad.  You can see the monster better in the poster.

Check out other underwater movies here.

See the trailer for Orca:

See the trailer for Up from the Depths:


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