Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Joy Sticks -- Apr 15, 1983

Looking at teen comedies from the 80s this week.

Today is an ad for Joy Sticks from 1983. I used to see the VHS cover for this movie all the time in rental stores. It featured the art from this ad.  I love this image which is also the poster for the movie.

Other 80s teen sex comedies:
- Fast Times at Ridgemont High

UPDATE -- Here's the trailer. I must watch this movie soon.


  1. Arcade games, hot chicks, AND an 80s comedy?! Why don't I remember this flick? :O

  2. I know, right. I still haven't seen it despite loving the cover art for years.

  3. I think deserves a live Twitter viewing, wouldn't you say? I'll have to see if I can find a copy somewhere for "rent."

  4. I would agree. I just updated the article with the trailer. And it looks AWESOME.

  5. Sex, punk rockers, and video games?! Oh HELL YEAH!

    Haha, where was I when strip Pac Man was invented and how come it's not still around? ;)